• well I'm no help but I bet you are a sexy little thing.I love shorter women...or I guess its lust actually
  • Try looking at Wrangler Jeans online. The Aura from Wrangler line has you pick size, rise AND length, and as long as you don't need something shorter than 28 inches (X-tra Short) you'll find them wonderful. I know about this due to having the opposite problem - and I get the X-tra Longs, but boy, just being able to find them is crazy! Most jeans fall just above my ankle bones...
  • I'm 5'2 and I have the same problem. With jeans its a little bit easier for me than with dress pants, I'll just cut them at the bottom and then wash them and dry them. They get the really cute stringy look at the bottom. If you cut out the longer strings and just leave the really short ones, it actually looks quite cute.
  • I know it sounds weird, but have you tried the kids' sections? OFten the preteen stuff is just as fashionable as the adult stuff, but is made for people of 4'9". Just don't tell anyone where you bought it. ;-)
  • Start factoring the cost of alterations into your jeans. When you find jeans you like buy them 2 or 3 pairs at a time and drop them off the same day at a seamstress/alterations place and let them know your inseam length, problem solved, and it's not very expensive either.
    • BRG
      my thoughts exactly! it'd be money well-spent....and you'll really enjoy your jeans!!!
  • FInd a good alterations person and you won't regret it. It will make you look and feel wonderful. You will be able to wear all sorts of clothes that fit YOU.
  • I'm 6'8". Believe me, it's much easier, if you're short, to get pants that are too long and hem them than to be tall and find them long enough. Edit: PS: If you shop around online you can often find places that will let you specify waist and inseam so what you get is the exact size you want.
  • Man, I wish I had your problem! However, on the rare occasion that I get a pair of pants that are too long I usually roll the bottom up a slight bit or you could just take them to the tailor and get a little bt knocked off the bottom.
  • I really recommend custom made jeans. I get mine at Make Your Own Jeans. They start at just $45.00. You have total control over the style, fit, cut, rise, length, everything. I just love them. They really look great and they're comfortable because they fit perfectly.
  • I love them small!
  • I have the same problem since I'm only 5 foot 4.
  • Sewing isn't that hard, and you can save a ton of money. You can get a really nice Brother sewing machine at Walmart for about $150.00. The simple patterns from Simplicity are really easy to start on. If you watch for sales, you can get denim for $3.00 to $4.00 a yard. As short as you are, you can probably make a pair of jeans from 2 1/2 yards of fabric. Patterns are always half price at Walmart, but if you watch the sales at Joanne Fabric or Hancock Fabric, sometimes they'll have $1.99 sales or 5 for $5.00 sales. Something like this is easy to get started on. You can make it in a couple of hours. Once you get the hang of the pattern, you can probably do it in less. You can modify the pattern before you cut the pants, so they will fit perfectly. Reader's Digest has a good sewing book with clear directions for modifying patterns.
  • Wear skirts/dresses, learn to sew or shop in the Junior Miss section. My sister is the same height as you. If you really adore jeans, try wearing heels with them, hemming too much off the bottoms will make your legs appear short (blah). Better yet, opt for skirts/dresses/shorts..they look adorable on us more petite girls! :D
  • Why not try cutting a little bit off the bottom? Or you could roll them up underneath and stitch them.
  • just roll them ump untill they fit it works in skinny jeans so myb get tose :)
  • My dear friend would only find her jeans in the childrens department. she was your height. not the same styles as the womens jeans of today.
  • Go to Walmart and check if they have a dwarf section.

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