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  • If they are just friends why not.
  • If I got to read it first.
  • That would be a "no" followed by he's a dead man. Exes are exes and they're going to stay out of the picture.
  • In our case it's fine, because she's our sister in law. (After DH and she broke up, she dated and then married my husband's stepbrother.)
  • If they have a child yes. If not, there's no reason
  • If it doesn't bother you then sure, if it does bother you then he should respect your feelings.
  • No, It Isn't No, No, Nanette No, Honestly No, no, no part 2 No, not the mind probe! No, Not Now No, No, No Part 2 No, No Nanette No, Not Much Never
  • no. Why would he want too anyways? doesn't make any sense
  • If you have an open and honest, healthy relationship with your husband, he openly expresses his love and devotion to you and you implicitly trust him, then, yes, I personally think it's okay. But if you are married to an insecure insensitive jerk who regularly commits lies of omission, then, no, it's not okay. In the second case, your husband might have ulterior motives that he might keep from you.
  • Depends on what he's emailing her about. If its "The last credit card bill is in and here's your balance due as you promise do pay" - YES. If its "I miss you so much and wish you were here" -NO. Not without having a conversation with you about why he's unhappy.
  • hell no. thats his past & it should stay that way.
  • Actually, I encouraged my husband to e-mail his (only) ex-girlfriend recently. Granted, she was his girlfriend over ten years ago in high school. And she'd found his e-mail through another friend from there and had e-mailed to apologize to him and try to make peace. So he was writing back to make that peace. And he not only showed me what she'd said, he had me check what he was sending back before he sent it. But sometimes, just sometimes, it's not only okay, it's a good thing.
  • Not without my knowing everything about it, no. There is no reason for such communications. And if it's something that I can't read, then for sure there is no good reason for it to be happening.
  • Yes, I have no reason to be jealous.
  • why would it be? Communication is usually a reason why relationships end-so why start now?
  • no i dont think it is good for a husband to be emailing his ex girl friendd because that is how relationships end .. i also dont think it is a good idea because they could still like eachh other and you wont even know it until he or the ex girlfriend actually tells you and then things start to happen between them
  • If you know about it because he told you, then it's probably on the up and up and you have nothing to worry about. If you found out about it on your own and he's been secretly doing this, it's not okay. Take it from me. I'm the ex-girlfriend and my ex has been cheating on his wife with me for 2 years. We broke up just before he got married, but his fidelity to her lasted all of 6 months. If we were just friendly emailing, he would have been able to tell her we still keep in contact. But obvously there's a reason he can't.
  • I would say very very unlikely, unless they were friends before you too were in a relationship. If she just shows up after a couple years then I think its very inappropriate for him to pursue a friendship with her as the last time they were together they were more than friends.
  • Depends on a couple of factors .. are there children involved .. because if so there is solid grounds to email and communicate with eachother. If not it depends on the man .. if he is an honest person and you do not doubt him in any way then why not ...but if there are motives or reasons for you not to trust him .. then Girl .. go with your gut feeling .. be nice about it to him in a sweet way .. there is no sense in getting jelouse over "What if" only you know him and know who he is and what he is about.
  • Why not? I talk to a couple of my ex-bf's on a regular basis. We are friends and that didn't stop just because the romantic/sexual part of our relationship ended. I have no issues with a bf maintaining contact with an ex either.
  • yes it all fine , there is no need to get angry or upset over it!!!!
  • Yes. They could still have a friendship, for all you know. If they have both established that he's in a marriage with you and she has total respect for that and they speak on a friendship level, sure, he can e-mail her.
  • Of course it is, if you dont trust your partner, why are you with them.
  • I see no problem as long as they are ONLY friends. However if you have a problem with it, sit him down and ask him exactly why he is wanting to email his ex. Communication is key in any relationship.
  • Depends on his intentions.
  • Not unless you are looking for a homocide right before Christmas.
  • Absolutely, your past is, as they say history! The fact that she's his ex-girlfriend is irrelevant.
  • The communication of people with their married exes is seldom an innocent act. Of course there are exceptions, but most commonly intentions are not honorable. It comes down to whether or not their relationships ended mutually. If it was mutual, chances are, there is little to worry about. What you really need to think about is why you are suspicious in the first place.
  • Sounds like it would be uncomfortable. What if she gets stuck in the computer?
  • Circumstances anyone?
  • As long as he's not making arrangements to meet her at at a hotel.

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