• You were nice to give her that much notice. If she's not on the lease, she doesn't have any legal rights. If she's paid up in any oral rental agreement though, there might be monetary legal issues with that. If you hadn't said anything, you could have kicked her out today, and been perfectly legal about it. But since you gave her a time to go, it would be best to go with that. After that time is up, though, you would be perfectly within your rights in every way to call the police and ask them to make her leave.
  • unless you own a house that you two are residing in, the renter's legally have the option to give her notice to leave......if she is not paying rent......if she is not on the lease, and is not paying rent, you should talk to your renter's.......i have had roomate's removed who were not paying rent.....take the future, don't live with deadbeats....take care....Brian....
  • just call the cops if she won't leave. if she isn't paying any of the bills, they will make her leave.
  • You have to serve her with an eviction notice if that is her residence, rent or no rent. And it probably won't matter if she's on the lease or not, either. Only after that can she be legally removed by an officer of the court, usually the local sheriff's department.

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