• Well, it is said to be a clogging of the arteries of the heart muscle, the carotid artery to the brain and all their little venous tributaries by cholesterol, or poly-unsaturated animal fats. It is so ingrained in us to believe this that no "plebeian" arguments are listened to. I will concede that a heavy diet of animal fats is not the healthiest one. But when you see so many people developing heart disease and having strokes at the same age their parents, uncles, aunts and siblings do or did, you tend to look at other possibilities. Like heredity. I tend to the theory that we are all programmed to check out at a certain age/time and there is not much we can do to alter the course of events. I am always open to rebuttal, of course.
  • high cholesterol foods smoking sedentary lifestyle familial other associated diseases
  • You both answered very well. I do believe it is inherited and the environment working for or against your health. It is what you do with the information that is most important. If it runs in the family take care to exercise and eat a low fat, high fiber, nutritious diet. If your gene's are good take care to protect yourself from to much fat and lack of exercise in your diet (your environment). I too believe when it is your time to go to a better place you go, but you do not have to speed to get there.
  • I suggest you take this test. you can learn more about it after. :)
  • being very overweight

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