• probably no difference
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      There is a major difference. What is it?
  • *Today, people now know that Hansen's disease is just that... a disease. In Biblical times, it was considered a moral failing and the patient was cast out to die in squalor. *Also, it is a bacterial infection that is quite curable today and we now know it is not as easily transmissible (physically and/or morally) compared to how it was believed throughout history up until the mid 1950s. *I would bet that "leprosy" was applied to more disorders than specifically Hansen's in Biblical times, kind of like "consumption" in the 1800s.
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      More specific. From what I have read there is no cure for Hansen's.
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      According to the CDC, it can be cured: " With early diagnosis and treatment, the disease can be cured." . The damage done before treatment can't be reversed but "now we know it doesn’t spread easily and treatment is very effective" (CDC link). I am intrigued by your question, in what area do I need to be more specific?
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      The leprosy spoken of in the Bible could not only effect people but also houses, furniture, and many other items. When a person was healed of leprosy they were to present themselves before the rabbies to be declared clean. This was also true of other items so infected. Even in your statement leprosy is curable only in its early stages. The old leprosy of the Bible was different from the Hansen's disease of today. What the difference is is unknown.

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