• Well I would not keep it very personal. But I would not tell everyone I meet either. I think it would freak people out if you say that "Hey I only have six months to live" out of the blue. But if a conversation leads to topics such as death, I would certainly disclose the news.
  • tell everyone... do you have any idea how many free drinks you could get?
  • I wouldn't tell anyone until i actually started getting sick and those peeps would only be my mom and dad.
  • I wouldn't yell it out to the world. I would tell my friends and my family what is going on. I would think if the doctors gave you a result like that friends and family would know something is going on and would want to know. Wow, that is a great question, sure makes you think about who you would tell and who you wouldn't.
  • Well... I want my doctor to 'not' tell me.... so I will live normally and die normally.... no need to cause myself more stress worrying about the inevitable... and it would ultimatley lessen the time, stress makes everything worse. No need to stress out anyone around me either.... I don't want the last six months to set my remeberance as some frantic drag on everyone. If I had to know.... I wouldn't tell.
  • Keep it very personal.
  • I wouldn't keep it totally to myself but I wouldn't put it on a billboard either!!!!!!!
  • I'd tell the people who needed to know.
  • I've been told that I have minutes to live, and I've been told that I have hours to live and I've been told that I had just a few days. All different occasions. Here I am. I've let my close friends know. My father was told he had six months due to advanced cancer. My mother told me. He passed almost exactly six months later. He went on a phone call spree telling everyone the story of his life and told them what they meant to him. I'd do the same.
  • having had 2 strokes , 1 heart attack and 2 bouts of the big C and having been told each time 'this was it' I keep things like that to myself ... because they (doc's) have been wrong each time (I'm stubbon) and it would have looked like I was like the boy who called wolf !
  • I would tell my parents, and my parents only. I mean, if I only had six months to live, I would want to enjoy them as much as possible, and that is not going to be accomplished with everyone crying at my feet. And even if they didn't do that, they'd be all supportive and letting me have first choice in everything. I want to spend the last moments of my life in a happy environment where everything is as it should be.
  • I was on the other end, my close friend had cancer and passed away. None of her friends knew that she didn't expect to live. I wish I had known she was expecting to pass, I feel I could have been there more for her in her time of need. She just kept saying "things are going well". It was 2 years after her surgery that she passed, we just did'nt expect it at all. So now knowing how I felt that she never told us she was going to die I would not want that suddenness to be thrown at my friends and family.
  • I would only tell immediate family. I don't need the sympathy vote. The only reason I would tell my family is so they wouldn't be caught by surprise.
  • I would tell it to the people whom I want to say good bye.
  • Ikiru inspired me to keep it personal.
  • I would tell people if ever it came up, and of course where its appropiate. I would tell my job, if only so i can put in my 6 month notice. I mean if i just upped and died one day, im sure they may ask where I went =/. As for broadcasting it telling everyone I met, I find that unnecessary, but I believe if a person began to ask questions of you that meshed with the fact that im dieing, say perhaps he were to ask me what I would be doing next year, I would tell them the morbid truth.
  • I'd keep it close to my chest. I would tell immediate family and close friends so they could prepare and realize why I'm going to be taking that cruise, sky-diving, traveling to Europe, taking tons of pictures and writing notes and stories to the boys, etc, etc. Once it got very close to the end I would tell folks, but I try to tell people when I notice the good things about them already.

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