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  • Sex 3 times a week is at the higher end of "normal" for long term relationships. Mind we are not just talking about the time for sex - we are talking about the life that surrounds that. If he is working/attending school that plays a huge roll on sex drive. If there are bills piling up or other "stressors" on his shoulders that too will result in his not wanting sex every day. Further love relationships go through phases or stages. The first stage is the hard core passionate sex where no matter your situation beyond the relationship you can have sex often, daily, hourly because the chemicals and hormones in your body is blinding you to the stressors of day to day life. This kind of "first love" of a relationship can not be sustained and usually sinks into a deeper relationship where passion lessens but love grows deeper and sex every other day or even once a week becomes the "normal" thing while other aspects of being a couple take over - you know sharing other aspects of ones life. It is not uncommon for the shift from hot passionate love to cooler, deeper love to take place in one partner before the other. The longer you too are together the most likely that sex will take place on Friday nights only and both of you will be satisfied by that. This is the "married sex" syndrome usually accompanied by two working people with children where the rest of life just pushes sex to a regularly scheduled event. If you are still not satisfied you have a hand in your own "personal satisfaction". Masturbation in relationships is common and even healthy considering that two people rarely have the same level of sex drive or are energetic enough on the same level.
  • Communication is key - have you asked him directly about why he doesn't want it very often? I had a situation like this with an ex of mine. In our case, it was that she wanted a LOT of foreplay and I'm kind of lazy that way. I'd rather have a quickie and go straight to sleep. So, she started doing a little more for me that way instead of expecting me to spend half an hour getting her warmed up. We did finally break up but it wasn't about the sex.
  • Unfortunately, the one who wants the least is the one in control. And Most men do like being in control. THE SECRET Play with him while he is sleeping. Just be VERY careful not to wake him up while you are doing it. THEN, later on, when he does wakes up HE'LL THINK IT'S HIS IDEA. ... and YES! This Does Work VERY WELL! Then there is the less subtle approach... my man loves being wakened by me going down on him... in fact it's his favorite way to wake up.

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