• Perhaps. It depends on the age of the child and the custodial arrangement. If this is a very young child, you must discuss it with the parent who has married the step-father. If the child is tween-age or better, let them know that you support them if they don't want to call their mom's husband "daddy". And then really support them (talk to the mother/step-father etc.)
  • If at all possible, try to talk to the mother about how hurtful that is. If not, perhaps legal action regarding the custody agreement is in order.
  • I would go to my ex and tell her not to make the child call him daddy ask her if she would like it if you made your child call another woman mommy then I would go to the step dad and tell him how you feel you can also talk to your ex and her husband in front of the child and tell them how you feel and tell the child in front of them that she/he does not have to call him daddy.I hope this helps
  • The thing is here it depends on whether the child wants to call his/her step dad 'daddy' a child in that situation, i wanted as he had bought me up from day 1, but if the child feels they are being pushed into calling him daddy, then thats wrong, definately speak to the mother, but more importantly listen to the child, if they feel pressured then obviously this needs to be nipped in the bud, i wouldnt ever expect my step girls to call me mummy, so why do these step dads insist on trying to take the fathers place!
  • he just wants her to think of him as daddy, the only way to stop him from trying to do that is not to be with him
  • Everybody gets into a snit and says they are being left out or forgotten or the step-parent is stealing their child's affection or it is insulting to me or hurting my feelings. It's all about the adults feelings none of them are looking at what it means to the child and the child's feelings. The child should never be required to call the step-parent mom or dad. However, if the child slips into it without being told it doesn't mean the child has ceased loving the bio-parent. It simply means the child feels psychologically safe and secure and is fitting in and accepting the siutation. Everyone should be thankful for that. The bio-parents need to discuss it calmly and the father ask if the child could be encouraged to call step-dad "Daddy-Bob." You don't want to upset the child and you want to make it clear that whatever terms he uses you want him to be comfortable with and no matter what it is you will always love him. You can ask him to use Daddy-Bob if he uses it fine. If not love him and know he loves you. There should be no fighting with the ex and no punishing the child.

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