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  • No it is not healthy, should definately do it the other way around or wash it. On the other hand giving you a dirty sanches with it would be perfectly fine.
  • not healthy at ALL! you are spreading germs and fecal matter from your ass to your pussy, girl! i hope you don't put it in your mouth like the porn chics do!
  • No it is not healthy. Read this post for more info:
  • No it is not, do not allow him to do this,it can cause a kidney infection or even worse a bladder infection which can be very panful for many months So say no to anal and then vaginal penetration. keep both seperate and you will be fine.
  • very unhealthy'
  • Yeah, that is really nasty for you, you can get bad infections. It you plan to do vaginal after anal, have him put a rubber on during the anal, then he can peel it off before he gets in your vagina. Either that or he needs to wash it off first.
  • It is so unhealthy that you would not believe me if I told you. Spreading fecal matter into the vagina is a cess pool just BEGGING for a disease to happen.
  • Reverse the procedure. Very unhealthy and can be - oops! - accidentally disgusting.
  • Not, is not safe for you, and if he really doesn't care, then "no more sex", just ask him to use a new condom...
  • NO NO NO!! clean your cock ! before you enter her va j j after anal! extremely DANGEROUS!
  • Keep doing that and it's like asking for a DEADLY case of hepatitis HAV<HBV<HCV...I can think of better ways to die like HIV!!!
  • Totally unsafe!! But I am wondering if you do lots of medical enema. Could that prevent diease? How can Rocco the porn star do ATM for decades without getting STD? Anyways, that's just him, but I never knew what happened to his girls. Most of them never appear in another movie again.
  • NOOOOO!!! Ew. The vagina is SO sensitive, and prone to infections.

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