• Any song by Roy Orbison. Music and lyrics.
  • Diana Krall's version of "A Case of You" is one of the most haunting songs for me. I think the way she sings it with so much longing makes it unforgettable.
  • Elliot Smith - Angeles
  • Diana's version is great but I still prefer Joni Mitchell's.....I've met Diana a number of times...working for the airline... Nothing haunts me more that Damien Rice "The Blower's Daughter"..mostly the lyrics/the way he plays with words.
  • UNKLE - Rabbit In your Headlight with vocals by Thom Yorke
  • Try to give the song Riverman,by Nick Drake a listen.It has every emotion you could possibly want.It's gorgeous
  • Melissa by the Allman Brothers Band, recorded shortly after the death of Duane Allman. Some of the words = spirit, haunt, ghost, beneath the clay... Main Street by Bob Seger - the guitar riff and references to the past are haunting All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix = Jimi's cover of Bob Dylan's song is the ultimate version of that song.
  • Missing you - puff daddy. Found the female singers voice very haunting.
  • It hurts me too - Karen Dalton. The synchopated rhythm on that 12-string...
  • Haunted by Evanecsence...Man that song is soooo Haunting!!
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  • Good question. I love STILL LIFE by Iron Maiden off their Piece of Mind CD. It's basically about a guy that gets beckoned by evil spirits to jump into a pool and drown. Then he says that they want YOU too and that we will drown together forever.
  • The beginning of Funeral for A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding by Elton John. Also Mr. Crowley by Ozzy. It's the melody of them both.
  • There was a movie in the mid seventies called, 'She Waits'',! It starred Patti Duke, as the new wife of a widower! He takes her back to the house, where he lived with his first wife, and she is haunting!!And wants Patti's character's body, to live again!!! The music that they play through the whole movies is so hauntingly, (pardon the pun), beautiful! I had to learn it on the piano,and I used to play it all the time!! It is called,''She waits'' Maybe you can find a copy of it somewhere. It was a good movie`````````` good luck!
  • This one: Although Ozzy has several that make me a bit nostalgic and I find them haunting.
  • Here's another one that's so very haunting:
  • Both - Where Was I? Paul Thorn Brings back a LOT of memories, and makes me wonder about some of my relationships. .
  • I find the following song very haunting and psychedelic. Emma Shaplin - Discovering Yourself Sitting in your room Clean cut and plain Looking so truthful Feeling no pain Temperature's rising In your freeze frame Temperature's melting... Your golden chains Dancin' like a chinese clown Won't do much longer; no, no... Look at you now, coming down With your gun - O - O - O Mommy cries, Daddy lies Everyday they die Everybody's in shock Losing control Daddy cries, Mommy lies What does it feel like Discovering you're stuck here ? Deciding good Deciding bad Acting so proud And looking so sad Waiting in your bed Watching the door Waiting in your bed Ready to fall Keeping yourself from the crowd Won't do much longer; no, no... Look out now who's coming down With a gun; O - O - O... Mommy cries, Daddy lies Which way paradise ? Everybody's in shock Don't lose control Daddy cries, Mommy lies What does it feel like Discovering yourself ? No love / no tear - No life / no fear No love / no tear - No pain / no fear
  • stars by t.A.T.u - melody fin by anberlin - melody nothing else matters by metallica - both creeping up on you by darren hayes - lyrics (creepy...) alone with the sea by hurt - both cinder and smoke by iron and wine - both (a lot of things by lacuna coil) - both ok so these are only a few. i looooove music =)
  • Cry Freedom by Dave Mathews Band Crash It's both melody and lyrics. I don't know what it is about this song but it just brings out a bunch of emotion in me. It has a line, the future is no place to place your better day, that means so much to me.
  • Scream of The Butterfly by Acid Bath. Music/ Lyrics and production are all haunting. Very dark stuff.
  • the johnny cash "hurt" and my chemical romance "cemetery drive"
  • A friend shared this song with me recently and i just love it especially this rendition with Ville Valo and Natalie Avelon. It's called Summer Wine. Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in spring.....
  • i think john lennons imagine was a powerful song anyway but i think that this version by a perfect circle really digs down and embeds itself in your soul. this is when songs haunt me, when they make me feel/think things deeper than i would any other song. when i hear it i think about it for days. i guess in this version its both melody and lyrics that i find haunting- a perfect mix! hope this helped. Xx

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