• As of a few years ago, it's official, THE WORLD IS ROUND! And, the earth rotates around the sun! The Vatican likes to update things every century or so.
  • Catholicism is supposed to be a universal religion, meaning any person can be in it and even if they have different beliefs they still can get those afterlife benefits we've all heard about. That's a great thing I think, because Catholics (real ones) won't go around telling you to repent lest you burn in hell for eternity. Forget about the Pope, forget about going to church, forget about bowing to some invisible avenger, because in the end none of that really matters; all that matters is that you are a good person in your life, and then you get in. And if are a bad person, but are truly repentant for your sins, you get in too. Isn't that sweet? Some people don't like this about Catholics, because they think they are getting cheated. They think that since they are right about what happens after death (and they don't think, they KNOW) they should be the ones going to heaven and everyone else should get the boot to eternal damnation. I don't even need to mention all the things wrong with that.
  • Catholics are indeed universal as someone else stated. They believe in "a lot of things," especially in the death and resurrection of Jesus, Mary, priest confessions, hell, rituals, idols and images. A must watch YouTube video:

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