• Buy online is a lot easier. Esp. over the world.
  • Credit cards offer convenience and security. With a credit card, you don't have to carry a lot of cash or leave home to shop! If you lose your wallet and it contains cash, you most likely will never see your money again. Not so with a credit card. If you lose a credit card, you can report the card missing. Depending on your timing, you can eliminate your obligation to pay for fraudulent purchases. They do have their downfalls too, so you should use them wisely. Some people see credit cards as a way to buy things when they don't have enough cash. A credit card's ease of use tempts them to make purchases they can't afford. The monthly bill arrives with a reality check for many cardholders. That can really get you in trouble and screw up your credit.
  • I use my credit card for convenience, cash-back rewards, a "float" on my money of at least a month and up to two months (I can charge at the start of my cycle, it's 30 days until my cycle ends, then I have a grace period of 25 days.), safety against theft (I have zero liability, though the federal law in the US maxes out liability at $50 for personal cards), extended warranty protection on electronics and rental car insurance, not having to deal with holds on my actual funds (debit cards would do this... cash customers would require a deposit), ease of returns and ability to chargeback if I'm not satisfied with my purchase, to streamline my finances (I only have to worry about taking money out of my savings account once per month to pay my bill), and to help build my FICO score in hopes that I'll get good terms on a mortgage in the future. Some people use credit cards to live beyond their means or to fill the financial gaps (such as when in college), others in lieu of an emergency ("go to hell") fund, others will use cards for many of the same reason I do. I pay my bill in full and on time every month. I'm in control of my credit card and not the other way around.
  • We use one card for everything and pay it off every month. Love those cash back rewards!
  • This is the capitalists game and I called it shopping addiction.

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