• That sucks that your work blocked Answerbag. Perhaps this list will give you a start for a proxy I don't know much about proxies, so you may have to do some searching to find the one that works etc.
  • To start off, download these programs. Download: So what you want to do is register on the website when you're on an unprotected net. Or you could make a buddy do it for you and give you the username and password afterwards. So just put the folder SocksCap somewhere you want it, cause it doesn't need to install. Then install YourFreedom on your computer. As soon as you've installed it and ready to do this, start yourfreedom. Press the [Configure] button that should be in the middle of the status screen, and put in Address: and make sure the rest says Port: 443 Protocol: https as soon as that is done, go up on the window and click on the account settings and insert your username and pass and language. (account info from the internet site) Then save it. Go up and click on "Applications" and you'll get some options about what to use over the proxy. If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, it's ok, then just select them and press [OK] Go up again and click on "status" [Start Connection] Then start SocksCap by clicking on sc32.exe File -> New Find the exe file of the program you wanna use over the proxy. then just click OK. Go to File -> settings And insert in the SOCKS server. Then click OK. Then you're ready to go. Select the game that is on your SocksCap list and click "Run" I prefer Firefox, so i can tell you abou that. To get the proxy on the firefox, go on your Firefox and go to Tools -> Options Then on "Advanced" Connetion Settings. Put it to "Manual Proxy Configuration" Make sure the fields are: HTTP Proxy: Port: 8080 SSL Proxy: Port: 8080 FTP Proxy: Port: 8080 Gropher Proxy: Port: 8080 SOCKS Host: Port: 1080 (selected) SOCKSv5 No Socks for: localhost, Then OK. Now it should work. It surely did for me.
  • Torpack is the easiest way to go: Use the program and simply surf through others internet connection :)
  • I have the same problem. Try this one.
  • A really good one is And so far it's not blocked at school or work =)
  • they probably dont want people at work to get into sites like that, you'll just have to wait till you get home to use it

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