• breaking
  • Using a computer. I was 6 years old when I booted up my first computer, and by the time I was ten I was very fluent in Internet terminology and research.
  • Organization My mother told me when I was an adult that she was amazed that as a child I would have my toys so neatly arranged and organized. It's not that I'm an order freak or a control one, not by a long shot but it's just that I seem geared to organization. And I'm sure it's no surprise that this trait has carried over to AB where I actually enjoy reorganizing questions and placing them where they belong. Even at work, my desk may look partially messy but I know where everything is, what needs to be done and all the particulars that go along with that such as appointments and the like.
  • Nothing really all that special, but using chopsticks. Growing up in a Korean family, I had that down pat by the time I was 5. Most of my non-Asian friends aren't very good at it to this day.
  • I learned how to be a yenta. I knew how to talk about people and butt into their business long before anyone else in my neighborhood. This also led to my being advanced in the areas of whining and complaining;)
  • I learned how to make anything grow.
  • Cleverly bypassing the hard work required to actually accomplish something by wowing the crowd with flowery language. Too bad there's no snake oil any more, I coulda sold a tanker truck of that stuff.
  • Trying to see my parents' point of view. I was about 8 and I was ironing my dad's white shirt..the other kids were outside playing and I wanted to be out there with them..what I wanted to say to my mom was "why do I have to do this? The other kids' moms don't make them iron." But I thought about it and this is what I said.."I'm so lucky that you trust me enough to iron Daddy's white shirt". I saw how appreciative my mom was about my attitude, and I realized that I was speaking the truth! :)
  • • That any individual can leave harmful situations. • That the PEOPLE in life are far more important than things or even accomplishments. • That dreams may become realities, if given enough determination and time. • That empathy has always been a part of my intrinstic 'who.' • That the science of Nature holds or will hold all of the answers. • That we all need to be compassionate, cooperative humane beings. • That Life As An Art is first viewed by those in it, not be the mere labels given to it. • Laugh always and others will laugh with you. Cry too much and most likely you will be left crying alone. • If you want it, you must first and foremost be willing to give it! Note: I came to all of these before the age of eighteen.
  • Taking care of children. I was a teenage mom.
  • I would imagine the ability to write well.

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