• Well, I never thought so, that's why I've had 3 divorces. But, I would LIKE to find this 'true love' that some people have, I think! :)
  • Honey I have been married for 8yrs, I find my husband more attractive today than I did when we were married! Not only physically but, for all the nice things he has done for me over the years!
  • I've been with my BF for 4 years now (yesterday was out 4 year anniversary) and I still think he's gorgeous- plus the added bonus of knowing what kind of person he really is, helps.
  • It varies. The honeymoon period is created by the combination of emotional and sexual intimacy which is fresh and new. Intense sexual attraction generally wanes over time, and though the attraction may still remain, it will have a different nature. It will probably be based more on companiate , warm, love making rather than the heady, intense, high octane love making in the beginning. But with others attraction grows in time with the growth of the sexual relationship. I think if sexual relations start early on, the attraction can wane before the friendship and emotional element has reached its full potential. Longer term it is emotional intimacy that keeps couples together, not sexual intimacy.
  • Its been 21 years and I still find him as attractive now if not more, than then!
  • If absolute true love connects two people together, time only makes their honeymoon last a lifetime.
  • Sure but it's expressed in different ways over the years. I don't think that most 70 year olds don't have 3 days of non-stop sex... :-)
  • it probably depends on the couple since everyone is different

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