• No suicide is NOT an easy way out. What ever lessons you don't complete you will have to realearn in the next life.
  • No, I think whatever they may have missed out on, they will experience anyways. I don't think suicide is a way of cheating life. I don't think you can cheat life.
  • Easy? Ha! Why would anyone want to come back and go through it all over in another body, another family, learn everything all over again, just to get to the same lesson so that it can be completed? No, if you really believe in reincarnation you do not commit suicide. That would be really stupid and most agonizing.
  • With reincarnation aren't we atoning for past life ills? Since that's the case, and since suicide is the last straw of a sick and horrifying and miserable life, I'd say that it is probably reasoned in the karmic sensibilities of reincarnation
  • "Nobody has ever come back as anything, except our Lord and Savior who came back as bread." -Ned Flanders
  • It's about responsibility. When the Buddha reached final enlightenment, Mara actually tempted him to commit suicide. Had he done so, HE would've been freed from all pain and suffering but the rest of us would've been assed out. Out of compassion and selflessness, he chose to live and taught the Dhamma for the rest of his life. He taught until his disciples understood and they could teach to their disciples. Suicide is a very selfish thing to do and isn't a solution or a "get out of life free" card. By committing suicide, you do cheat yourself but more importantly, you cheat others too.
  • Suicide is a way of rolling the dice again, or getting dealt another hand of cards, in hopes of a better outcome. Usually this doesn't happen. At best, you merely change the actors and the stage, but the play itself remains about the same.
  • I disagree with all that you've said, including assuming you know what another 'should have' done. Its not up to you!

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