• Some people enjoy that sort of music. I think it is their choice.
  • I can't stand it. I know that they will lose their hearing. It is disrespectful of them to blast their music in their car and put on the bass real loud. However, it their choice and they will learn some day after they lose their hearing. I will be praying for them. Most areas have noise restrictions and I just wish that these people would be cited for creating too much noise, disturbing neighbors, etc.
  • When I'm minding my own business--at home or while driving--and some idiot happens by with that ultra-loud bass music going, I just want to smash their head in with a wooden baseball bat. Same thing with Harley Davidson idiots. Have a nice day.
  • With any luck, the car-rattling music will vibrate all the bolts lose in the car and it will collapse. I'm with you. They have a right to enjoy the music they like, but not to share it with everyone in town, willing or unwilling. If it is loud enough to hear outside the car, it is too loud.
  • What is bad is, that many times, those speakers you hear so loudly are not even pointed INTO the car. They are in the trunk, pointed out. What I want is for someone to invent a remote that blows speakers if too much bass is going through them.
  • Cry me a riverrrrrr.
  • arrest the driver. send the driver to seven days a week anger management classes. impound the car at forty dollars a day.
  • I don't know if anything can be done, they can pass laws, but pretty hard to enforce. I know people who have their entire trunk filled with amplifiers, etc. it would be nice if they were caught the equipment could be taken from them. I have seen times these idiots wake me up at 2 or 3a.m. the bass so loud it hurts my ears, and my house isn't even that close to the road.
  • smile, wave and bob your head like you're really into it. roll down the window and ask them what they're playing. that'll mess them up for a minute.
  • ear plugs
  • Noise pollution tickets...make them pay for their intrusion. Money greedy cities love to fine for every little thing, yet never for the things they should fine for. Idiocrasy!

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