• I hate it. Its a joke.
  • I love it. It's my favorite holiday. I love dressing up to this day, and love all the superstition surrounding it. Plus, FREE CANDY.
  • Its not just a US holiday, it is celebrated all over Europe too. I hate it! People knocking on your door begging (trick or treat is begging!)! I cant stand it! I think it is just anoughter marketing ploy by "the man" to make us normal people spend alot of our well earned cash!
  • I love it its a great time of the year,its fun to play dress up,its scary watching all the horror movies;what more could you ask for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's fun! It makes me a little sad that the kids today don't get to wander all throughout the neighborhood like when I was a kid, because there are so many idiots out there.
  • It's just another day to me. It's not fun, it's dumb. It's just another way for society to make money off people by promoting utter nonsense.
  • It's a fun fall holiday for kids...But I can't see why someone would want to dress up as a monster type
  • I have disliked it for myself ever since the year I was bringing my children around and a passerby called across 'Great outfit!" in a British accent. I replied 'Sorry? - I don't understand???" He blushed and muttered something about how he had thought I was dressed as a Prisoner of War because he had overheard MY accent earler etc etc. Since them, I am the gentleman you see wearing the White Tie ensemble as I escort my youngest children around the neighborhood... : )
  • I'm sorry that it's not really a tradition here in DK (even though the stores make a big deal out of it)...seems so fun. I'm glad we have "Fastelavn",'s kinda the same, when you dress up and ring doorbells for candy, only in early Spring. I wanted to be a princess last year, but mom told mme I was too old:/
  • aren't there other countries who celebrate Halloween (or something similar) as well? I always enjoyed it as a kid. I admit, I'm not really into it much as an adult. It is fun to see our nieces get dressed up, though. But, it also just isn't the same these least, it doesn't seem so. Most of the kids who come to our door (except really little kids), just want candy. they don't try to be cute and tell a joke or say "trick or treat" a lot of the time. some just hold out their bags or buckets and expect you to give them candy. I like it when they still try to have fun with it.
  • I love it! I think it is fun looking at all the other kids dressing up. And...I love the free candy part. :)
  • Love it!
  • We get Halloween in England too were not completely sheltered!
  • Halloween is my favorite of all holidays. I spent many years in my small private Christian school defending the merits of the holiday (along with the lack of evil vile satanic intentions of the Harry Potter franchise).
  • It makes me want to kick the silly little people who go along with it right up the arse. We have enough American influence in our country without having to put up with this stupidity. Trick or Treat? I'd rather give them a penny for the Guy thank you very much.
  • It's a fun day for people to dress up and be something else. Another excuse for girls to dress slutty. I'm not big on the holiday, haven't gone trick or treating since I was 8 or so. But its also good excuse to eat lots of candy. :D
  • I think it's a fun day to dress be outlandish...
  • I think it is the best holiday ever! You get to be something you are not just for a day, you dont have to cook a big meal or have family over that you dont particularly like, you get to scare the bejeezes out of kids and go to haunted houses and have fun. I love decorating the house for Halloween! I have bodies, skeletons and tombstones all over the yard along with foggers and strobe lights. I have video from my security camera of all the kids running and screaming from my house last year, it is such a blast!
  • Any excuse to be theatrical is good for me!
  • any time you can make an idiot of yourself and get free stuff is a great time for me
  • Halloween is a great holiday. It is fun to dress up and be someone/something else for a night. Children and those that are young at heart love it, the role playing, the dress up, the decorations and the candy are all great fun. However the stores promote it to early in the season so it becomes almost anitclimatic by the time it finally gets here. Also there are so many activities geared for young kids its hard to choose which ones are fun and which are a waste of time and money. There is also the danger element some people ruin the holiday by putting things in candy and scaring everyone so people have to be leary of strangers and strange candy. Which is a horrible shame for children, parents and everyone else. Some hospitals go so far as to xray the candy. Good grief! Surely candy is safe, but unfortunately it is not.
  • I've always looked forward to it because I love the autumn and the decorations. I had great times when I was young. Most of the children from the town I live in now go trick-or-treating. If the weather is good, I will have over 100 children come to my door. Sometimes their parents dress up and also their dogs. I haven't carved or painted a pumpkin in a few years, maybe this year.
  • The night BEFORE Halloween was FUN ! Well when I was a child we observed " Devels Knight or as some call it Hell night" thats when we pulled pranks such as soaped windows, toilet papered trees, smashed pumpkins, chalk writtings on driveways, egged cars, houses and did alll typed of harmless stunts. of coures the next day , Halloween, we dressed up ourselver, (home made costumes) and went out trick or treating all night and ended up with pillow case(s) full of candy !
  • No thoughts.
  • i live in a pretty bad naighrhood so i coundt trick or treat very well
  • Due to safety concerns it's better to stay home. Times have changed.
  • Halloween is observed all over the world, but the rest of the world calls it "Day Of The Dead". It commemorates the start of Noah's Flood.

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