• It sounds like you are insecure. I am like that sometimes too. Even though I know my man loves me and oinly wants me I always fear that he doesn't! Good luck!
  • I would not fret too much. I regularly dream of giant cockroaches attacking me - but it does not mean its likely to happen. Humans are strange when it comes to feelings - try to focus on the most important reality, that your' loves me a lot in reality..." and enjoy whatever time together you do have. : )
  • These dreams are an expression of your unconscious fears. As long as you feel this fear of losing him you will probably have similar dreams. In an answer to somebody else's question you described yourself as a jealous girlfriend, jealousy and fear often go hand in hand. I suspect that you are very young and that you will probably have other boyfriends after your current one and that you will build up your self-confidence in the process.
  • This show you are very possesive about your boyfriend and you have the feeling of insecurity of losing him. You keep thinking about him and his activities, you assume too much about him meeting other girls. Which he may not really be meeting. To overcome this nightmare, you need to just trust him and listen to him. Nothing can seperate you as long as you trust him and listen to him. All the best!!!
  • You are probably afraid that he will leave you for someone else. Don't push him away because of these nightmares, though. That would be a terrible mistake. If anything, you need to be closer than ever with him right now.
  • Sounds like a self-confidence problem. You're insecure in your relationship.

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