• yeah my bf on more than one occasion because if i didnt my flat would have been wrecked.
  • Yes a friend of a grandckild. It was either throw him out or my dog was going to attack. she just did not like him!!
  • Yes my drunk ex acting a fool
  • Yes, my sisters boyfriend. She asked him a very simple question and he spoke to her like a dog, using very foul language in the process. It was the first time I had met the man and my sister had obviously not told him that my temperament matched the colour of my hair. When my husband returned from walking the dogs, The guy was standing in the front garden. I would not allow him back into my house.
  • Many times when some idiot started trouble at a party, some people just shouldn't drink :o(
  • I had to eject 6 arguing drunk co-workers from my Super Bowl party this year. Physically. Place wouldda been wrecked otherwise. I have a 55 gal fish tank in there. Sorry, Guys, but ya's have gotta go;)
  • My son....for using drugs ( heroin)...he stole everything I had worth money and sold it. We tried re-hab a couple of times but he just leaves and says he can handle it on his own so I showed him the door and haven't seen him for almost 5 years. He won't talk to me .
  • Yes, a male friend of my daughter's was acting like a fool, chasing the girls around the house and kicking a door. Out he went, never to return.
  • Yes a drunk guy at my New Year's Eve party, he kept calling me a bitch. His ass hit the pavement. I had help literally throwing from the house.
  • yes, a guy threw up all over my couch and i threw him out.
  • Yes, a former friend of my husbands came to our house once and since he was a cigarette smoker, I showed him the smoking deck out back. He was irritated at someone and kept throwing out the 'n' word. I live in a mixed neighborhood and my next door neighbors are black and are a couple of my very best friends. I told Dan to get the h*ll out of my house, off my porch, leave my yard and do not come back until you have lost your racism because it is not tolarated in my house. My husband backed me up and said "Dan, you gotta go, man". That was about seven years ago. He has never been back and we don't hear from him, so I assume he is still the same racist a$$hole he was then.
  • Yes, my father. I had reached my limit with him beating my mom.

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