• I think it's a shame that so many people become parents w/o being ready to be parents. I also have a huge respect for those grandparents giving up "their time" to raise their grandkids.
  • Yes..we know a lovely couple whose daughter was constantly in and out of rehab who raised their two granddaughters as their own..very wonderful people I might add and the girls have been raised in a constant, stable, loving home. :)
  • i think it is bad ! yes i do , but the kid thinks that his dad doesn't love him , and is dad also said that his mom killed herself becuase of the boy ! what is this world coming to
  • yes i did know that grandparents who raise their own grandchildren is on the rise, and i have a daughter who is being raised by her grandmother( my ex husbands mother. ) but i think you know this already.
  • Thank God for Grandparents! It seems like this generation has lost its values (too busy making money and spending it), or otherwise being self-absorbed in themselves, their career, their desires... It's nice that the previous generation still sees the value of spending time with their Grandchildren, so they are not raised by strangers.
  • I am raising my 3 grandsons and it is hard but we get buy they know I love them and the oldest boy is 11 and he told me a few nights ago he said granny I love you so much and I am so glad I can feel safe and not worry about someone coming to get us or hurt us his 2 brothers who are twins age 10 sits with me and they love to read to me and to hear them laugh is like angels to me.
  • Yes I do know grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Matter of fact..I'm one of them. :-)
  • I think the grandparents who are raising them deserve my admiration and gratitude. I applaud them and they are angels here on earth to open their heart and home so that their grandkids would have a happy life. Thank you to all who are doing this and God Bless you and your family!
  • I am one of those children who was raised by their grandparents. I thank God every day for that.
  • It is a tragic event that so many kids are having kids in the US, as well as parents who have no business having kids with their drug addictions, etc. The grandparents are acrying the slack for a bunch of losers that take no responsibility for their actions and in my mind if they make no attempt to take care of children they have created they at least should be in jail.
  • We are raisnig two. Had them since birth and have a good relationship with my daughter, their mother. Dad is deceased. My hubby has cancer but he lives everyday to the fullest. The gov should help people on ss more as it is very hard.
  • is that for reals??? Hum, I dont know anybody. Where do these people live? I bet there must be a tie in somewhere.
  • There are 300 million people in the US - so 61 million grandparents constitute 20% of the population of the US. let's say all the grandparents raising kids are doing so married - that is 30 million couples - let's now say each of them raise 1 child - that is 30 million -- that is 90 million people - almost 30% of the population of the US I have to see some figures on this.
  • My grandparents raised me from the time I was two till I was four then again when I was 16-18 They are like my real parents... I came from a broken family and they are the only real family I have... If it was not for my grandparents I would never now what family was... God bless them I thank God for them! and thankfully they are still alive (they are 80 and 90) and I can still talk to them when i need to
  • im one of those kids since i was like 4
  • Ed I have two unmarried daughters with babies. This is not what I would have hoped for them nor was it their plan but it happened so as they say "life gives you lemons you make lemonade"...LOL Both of my daughters raise their children and are excellent mothers. My oldest is in college and will be starting nursing school in the Fall. She and my grandson lived with us until the baby was about a year old and she was able to get her own place. My other daughter has a 4 1/2 month old and she and the baby live with us. She works and is getting ready to go to college and takes care of the baby. I definitely help out a lot and there are times I wish I could have ME time but I realize my daughters need me and this is to give them the chance to continue their education where they will be able to take care of these kids whether the dads are around or not.
  • My youngest daughter is the same age as my son, but she is adopted and my grandchild. I never regretted a minute of it, I love all of my children and I am so glad I stepped in. I would have hated to lose her. I have seen parents that won't step in and I understand.
  • I don't know where I would be with-out my Grandparents, I am so thankful that they stepped up. If I were in their situation I would do the same. *Cheers to all the wonderful grandparents who stepped up
  • 61 million number seems to high, however, from the '70's to the 90's there was a 118% increase in households with grandparents raising their grandchildren. So we're looking at 1995 figures of about 5.5 million with their grandparents. It's now 2008.....How many children?....How many Grandparents? Maybe not 61 million, but it's frightening to know there may be 10 or more million children not being raised by their parents and being cared for by their responsible grandparents. For the last 8 years we raised our grandson. It was quite difficult, but the look of joy on his face each morning when I woke up and he was waiting for me in the easy chair with a handful of "Guy Toys" was priceless. I knew this is what God wanted for me. Pa Pa Lou
  • sometimes they dont have a choice, i know someone thats raising her granddaughter cause her mother died in a car crash

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