• It's called reabsorbed. It's a type of miscarriage or abortion. The fetuses are re-absorbed into the body. It could be caused by many things, including disease like canine brucellosis. You can test for this disease very simply and should be done before you consider breeding again. Test both dogs if possible. If she is fine, I'd just try again making sure both dogs are as healthy as possible.
  • Even more possible instead of the bitch reabsorbing them, she could have missed all together and gone through a false pregnancy. Some false pregnancies are so convincing that the bitch may even experience a form of contractions and labor. How often was she bred? What days in her heat cycle was she bred? If she did reabsorb them, look at why that could have happened. Was it her first breeding? Was she shipped to be bred? Emotionally was she ready to be a mother? Emotionally was she happy and healthy? How far along in the pregnancy do you think she lost the litter? Did you have her palpated at about 25 days by a vet and had confirmed pregnancy?
  • i never heard of that either

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