• Yes. The court will look towards what is the best interest of you (the child). It is usually in the best interest of the child not to uproot the child. The court will also give great weight to your wishes (giving your age). Thus, as a practical matter, you will be able to choose which parent to live with. Can you live with an Aunt and Uncle? Well, not without parental consent. Your parents have rights and obligations to you. A court cannot remove you from your parents if they are "fit" to parent. Th easiest way to get waht you want is to convince your parents to agree to it.
  • Depends what State you live in. In some States, a child can choose which parent to live with at age 14. Aunt and uncle would probably have to show up in court, or in CPS or Child Welfare office. Get legal advice. Legal Child Custody Find Alternative & Affordable Help for Family Law Problems BBB Accred.

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