• Yes! We were playing monopoly and I beat the pants off him, he accused me of cheating! How could I cheat, he was the banker! Also we are on a soft ball team and last week I made two base hits, he struck out. He was worse than my 7yr. w/his pouting!!
  • I used to get pissed off when I lost at Monopoly to my wife. (I still can't beat her! I think I'm cursed. When I start to lose to her I always remind her that she still can't beat me at chess! Hahahahaaaa
  • My husband is great to play with at just about anything but one thing....Monopoly. He turns into a different person. He knows it too so he refuses to play now. If you really really twist his arm he might but then it ends badly and he gets all mad at the way I play. SO we never do it anymore:-)

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