• The best revenge is living well.
  • I found the best revenge is doing nothing and make them think I am plotting revenge. This keeps them always checking over their shoulder for payback.
  • I don't "get back" at people. If someone does something to me I either confront them, discuss it, and/or have nothing more to do with them. It's like the old saying goes.."Success is the best revenge."
  • Instead of wasting all of your time and energy harbouring a grudge and planning revenge, why don't you simply forgive them, let it go, and move on. You'll be infinitely happier, trust me.
  • I don't remember doing that, life's too short to bear grudges - either discuss the issue and move on or forget all about it, and them.
  • I got them expelled from school : ) (Seriously, he deserved it though... It was in no way an unfair payback - actually I don't think it was severe enough)
  • I left. Karma took over and he has since lost 3 different jobs, is currently living with a screaming lunatic (it's so bad he's slept in his car a bunch of times just to avoid her) and has virtually no cash. All because he chose not to stay faithful. BTW, we were engaged, and have known each other over 12 years.
  • Well if there a neighbor or someone who is definately a bad person causing you some ill will. It would best to let the Law handle that one. But if your wanting to play a joke, there are plenty of joke emials out there. Try google just type in joke emials.
  • One boy friend did the dirty on me and kept bragging about his new girlfriend in front of me even when he knew I didn't like it. As she was living with him, I got a feedback slip from Hungry Jacks and filled it in under his name with comments such as "I like your onion rings but I want to make a complaint about them. Last time I ate them, I farted so much that my girlfriend made me sleep on the sofa all night! Could you please make some onion rings that won't make me fart so my girlfriend won't send me out of the room?" Yeah, I know it was puerile but it made me feel heaps better.

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