• If you are looking for self-publishing companies to publish your book, I know of a few companies that practically holds court to everything a book needs from book cover design customization, layout consultation, copyediting and even marketing. Xlibris is one of those companies that cater to practically all book requirements. Xlibris is one self-publishing company who practically has everything an author requires whether your book is going to be in full color or black and white. The company has been in business for over a decade already to know what they are doing. They have programs that have all the inclusions that will turn your book of poems into book form. First is that you have to customize a plan that will work best with your book. List all the things your book needs such as book cover customization, editing, marketing, etc. Second, find a publishing company that has everything your book requires. Third, go through production process and then see if the final book form meets your standards. Lastly, you might want to assess your budget, too, because if you are going to be self-publishing your book, self-publishing companies have programs which will might require a setup fee to get the whole thing started. Free publishing information can be found here:

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