• I can get 5 sides done pretty quickly, but it takes a while to wait for them to dry and paint the last side.
    • bostjan64
      That's one way to do it! LOL
  • Sure, pull off the stickers and place them back in the right order! I never had a Rubik's cube until they came out with the keychain models. And I never worked one. But I can solve that Cracker Barrel peg game in under a minute.
    • bostjan64
      Those stickers usually don't stay stuck back on that well. I recommend buying new stickers at that rate. It's not that difficult to solve, though, if you use a couple of little tricks on the last layer. Was the keychain the 2x2x2 cube? Those go a little quicker, but you still need one of the tricks to finish the second layer, unless you are very clever. I love the peg game, too. I had one of those long before a cracker barrel was a sort of restaurant. I always loved the board and string or wire and block puzzles, too. I still have a bunch of them in a little bag on my book case.
    • Linda Joy
      Closer to 1". And I never took any stickers off. I'm sure if I google it there's probably a youtube video that shows how to solve it.
  • Yes but I had a guide sheet to get there. And I was slow and methodical (that was 40 years ago)
  • nope wish I did though
  • I do, but I"m not gonna tell you. It's an ancient Chinese secret.
    • bostjan64
      Ancient Chinese secret: use hammer, then glue.

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