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  • Not zero tolerance, no. People are human and we make mistakes. That one lie may not be bigger than the whole of my partner. In other words, the good in our relationship may outweigh the one lie. I would like to think the relationship is stronger than a single lie, no matter how serious.
  • I used to have a zero tolerance to lying however that was before I got married and invested everything into this relationship. I've taken more from this lying, cheating jerk than I ever thought I would, and it's ended up being the same thing for him. Sometimes it's easier to judge when your own heart is not involved.
  • Zero, zilch, lying or I'm flying out of here! Why would I need to explain that? Lying is a betrayal of do it once and you'll find it easier to do it again. Who needs that cra*? No excuses, no rationalization, no good reason, no nothing. The relationship dies with the first lie..anything after that is a lie.
  • I'm flexible with lies though. A 50/50 for me. If it's a mere white lie that doesn't go harming anyone, i'd be cool with it but that won't mean all such lies should be forgiven. Because it's a r/s that we're talking about here, there should be 'trust' between lovers, in the first place.
  • "Does this dress make my butt look fat?". "No, your butt looks fat without the dress". I no longer follow a zero tolerance to lying policy.
  • I don't believe in zero tolerance, white lies are okay. 'Oh~! Honey I love the sweater you got me! I just adore the neon green and yellow stripes!' But other than those white lies? Yes. I also don't like 'sins of omission' as it were, and I'm dealing with that one right now ><
  • It would absolutely depend on the "severity" of the lie!
  • The lie hurts worse than the truth.

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