• If you wanted your hair to be long why did you have it cut?
  • I have taken vitamins to help promote hair growth, and they worked incredibly well for me. My hair went from being shoulder length to the reaching the small of my back in a little under 6 months. However, I also drastically changed my lifestyle and diet - I stopped eating sugar, drank more water, exercised more often and ate balanced meals - which undoubtedly helped, as well.
  • I know that places like GNC sell hair growth vitamins. They are specifically designed for women with thinning hair. I've never heard of using prenatal vitamins for it, though.
  • I've heard a lot about taking prenatal vitamins, however I personally never have. You can take prenatal or other vitamins there are special formulas supposedly for hair and nails. Also eat more balanced diets, exercise, and massage your scalp to increase blood flow to you head. **goodluck!
  • It is my understanding that there is no way to make your hair grow "faster." Hair grows about half an inch each month. I've looked up lots of information for myself. GNC does carry a multi-vitamin for hair, skin, and nails. They also have a vitamin just for hair. (The one I used was not for thinning hair.) The vitamins make your hair healthier which in turn stops breakage and shedding. You keep more of the hair you have, thus giving the appearance of faster growing hair. As mentioned by someone else, water is an absolute must. My stylist always knows when I haven't been drinking enough water by the condition of my scalp.
  • HELPP!!! so about 6 months ago i got a much needed hair cut but the hair dresser cut wayy too much. Now i have fine/thin hair naturally but not so thin that it looked bad. She cut it to my chin when it was to my mid-back. I had a hard time adjusting and felt ugly and gross. she suggest adding extensions if it bothered me so bad, so I did. I left them on for a while and took them off a couple days ago (they were sewn in). My hair is still short and now even thinner. I'm devastated. I spent the last 12 hours crying and staring in teh mirror hating myself for getting that dredded hair cut that day. Can anyone give me any suggestions that may work to thicken, grow back any hair at all? I just tied my hair back in to a low pony tail and there is literlly about 10 strands of hair being held by my hair band...I can't even get myself to leave my room. Any suggestions will be amazingly appreciated.
  • I took them when I was pregnant, and they made both my nails and my hair grow in thick and fast. When your body is getting everything it needs nutritionally (be it from vitamins or diet) then your body just runs better.
  • I started taking prenatals again about 5mths ago to promote hair growth, but I have not really seen much difference. My hair grew like crazy when I was pregnant and taking them, but after I had my baby and stopped taking them, I lost all that beauftiful hair. I started washing my hair more often like every 2-3 days. It keeps the hair hydrated and the scalp clean. I have been reading these books that I found on a website called Please check this site out. I think it will do you some good. I have noticed that my hair is healthier and longer since I have been following Cathy's directions on hair care. She lets you know the best way to take care of natural, permed, pressed, or whatever style you wear your hair in. She also has these amazing products to promote hair growth. So check it out and read over her Q&A's and customer comments. I think you will be very happy with her research!! Happy Hair Growth!!
  • hair grows how it wants 2 grow- and you cant do anything about it people
  • I take a lot of vitamins but after my husband died my hair started to fall out .They said it was shock. I started to take a vitamin for Hair and skin and my hair is very thick again. I cannot say if it has anything to do with the vitamins. It could just be its natural growth.
  • Hair grows at a nornmal rate whether you are taking vitamins or not, the difference is your hair is healthier, not growing faster.
  • I had a friend who took them, and it made no difference for her. However, each person is different, and it may work for you. You can also try drinking a lot of milk (whole milk is best, but if you're watching your figure, low fat helps, too). Whenever I do this, I notice that my hair and nails grow really fast!
  • No. Take hair and nail specific vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are for women who are going through hormonal changes that actually promote hair and nail growth all on there own. The prenatals have little to do with it. Hair loss and slow growth is hereditary on your mothers side. Vitamins will help but you need something that contains collagen, vitamins, minerals and Biotin. All conduscive to hair growth and regeneration. Prenatals are mostly about folic acid which pregnent women take for different reasons.
  • I don't know about prenatal vitamins, but I have used biotin vitamins, msm, gnc hair vitamins. and gueye hair growth vitamins s very good.
  • i've been taking prenatal vitamins to get my hair to grow for about two weeks now and i can already tell the difference. i recommend it!
  • Sounds like you have not been taking your pills!
  • A co-worker suggested I take pre-natal vitamins for my hair thining and loss. She said her doctor advised her to the the same thing. Her her looks great!!!. When I say my GYN I asked her was it ok for my hair and before I can get it out of my mouth good she said yes. I been only taking it for a few days, but it's worth the try.

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