• I believe it had a lot to do with the time of year that English speakers discovered them. Given its latitude Iceland can hardly have a tropical climate, where I live is thousands of miles closer to the equator and we don't even have a tropical climate.
  • I heard that they tried to trick people into going to greenland instead of iceland.
  • Uhm... I wouldn´t go as far as saying "tropical". Iceland is still quite coolish, but somewhat green indeed. The story I heard was that the first people populating Iceland were quite confused by the ice bergs floating by - so they called it sarcastically "Ísland" (Ice land) And the same goes for greenland. All they could find was ice with a really tiny strip of "green".
  • as far as i was told... they wanted people to come to greenland so they made it look interesting..with the name... however... i guess the people in iceland wanted to be for themselves and so named it iceland
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  • What do you mean tropical? Iceland is nowhere near the tropics. It is a temperate maritime climate. As for the name, I don't remember...
  • The Vikings named it Iceland, to keep other people away, as isolationism was apparently governing at the time.
  • I blame climate change.
  • vikings discovered both iceland and greenland. Iceland was a beautiful and green place while greenland was nothing but frigid ice. They wanted to keep the good land all to themselves. so they named the good land Iceland, and the bad land Greenland to trick others into moving to greenland while it wasn't green at all. dirty trick. that was out of memory from i dont remember but i'm pretty sure thats whats up.

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