• I believe that a president that has no military service should not have the right to make military decisions.It is like having a dentist working on your teeth and has no experience or training.The consequences are too great.
  • As a non-US citizen I can look on this from an outside perspective. The only countries in the world that have had senior military officers as presidents have been totalitarian regimes., and I'm sure everybody is glad that the USA can't be so described. The idea of democratic government is that decisions affecting the country as a whole are made by a group of people who the general public has elected for that purpose - in the case of the USA, Congress and The Senate. I know that the President has the last word on some matters, but if any president were to repeatedly make decisions that went against the will of the government he would soon find himself an ex-president. All governments have advisory committees to help with decision making and the USA has many senior military personnel involved in helping government and the President to make decisions that involve the military. Somebody else could argue that a president must be a trained accountant because he is involved with financial management of the country or that he should be a qualified lawyer because he is involved in making laws. These ideas are as outrageous and wrong as insisting that only people from a military background are qualified.
  • Assigning a civilian as commander in chief of the military was something our forefathers thought a great deal about. It enforces the ideal that the military serves the people of the US, not the other way around.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Great answer.
  • The office of President was set up to be a civilian post, not a military one. The military has to answer to the people, not be separate from them.

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