• Wait and see how many turkeys he pardons just before leaving office!
  • My #1 thought is "Why does President Biden pardon two turkeys every year?" He's done it every year so far. Is he trying to one-up his predecessors? If so, does he think it's doing something meaningful? If not, ... why? My second thought, after reading the article is that I think it is hilarious that the author decided to mention that Biden is older than the tradition. I'm not sure if they are referring to GHW Bush or Reagan or JFK or Truman, but I guess all are true. Incidentally, George Washington did not pardon a turkey, but he did fast on the holiday, instead donating the presidential meal to prison inmates, and, instead of spending Thanksgiving with his family, he took time to visit with people and listen to their problems. I think modern leaders should aspire to be more like that, rather than taking the holiday as another photo op.
  • Nepotism in action! 11/21/23
  • Each President has done this.

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