• No, chance to win.
  • He couldn't afford it, He had no issues and his role in the Trump administration was duplicitous to say the least.
  • It's the smart thing to do. It's unfortunate for Pence, but he really doesn't have many followers. I get the feeling that he was hanging in there in hopes that Trump followers might shift over to him in case Trump somehow got disqualified from the GOP nomination. But, now, with Trump pulling off the king-making move with the house speaker, and maybe the realization that Trump's fans all dislike him for validating the 2020 election results, maybe it finally sunk in for Pence that the presidency is not within his reach.
  • Pence's polls were too low for him to continue running for R. nom. US pres.
  • He says it's because "the time isn't right" for him. His polls were also very low, barely over 1% ratings. His only recommendation was his time as VP. 10/31/23
  • No one likes him for a start. Lack of detonators would be the proper reason, it would be hard to find anyone that doesn't think has a scumbag?

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