• In the old world, garlic was thought to have healing and curing properties. Also, in the old world, disease was thought to be more or less the same as evil. Think of the stories of the Bible with holy people being able to cure other's diseases or cast out demons. Thus, vampires, as evil creatures, were pictured, at the time, as these sort of diseased evil beings, who were susceptible to virtually anything that was restorative, cleansing, good, holy, etc. - therefore, allergic to garlic, herbs, sunlight, clean water, holy water, crucifixes, prayers, etc. - all things that old world people used to ward off both diseases and evil just the same.
  • I recall it's suppose to ward off bad spirits. But it definitely helps food taste good LOL
  • Non-sense.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! I agree, garlic has no effect on you. lol

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