• So, are you suggesting that a person should be legally prosecuted for the actions of their coworker's sons? If so, that's an incredibly silly suggestion. If not, do you have some sort of logical or causal link between whatever Hunter Biden drama you are vaguely referencing and Barack Obama? If further not, then what's your point?
    • 11stevo73
      Who is ultimately responsible? Why I think the USA is a bunch pathetics? none of you are ever responsible for anything.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      People are responsible for their own actions. If I go do something illegal, why would my dad's ex-boss hold any culpability unless he was involved somehow?! Hunter Biden is an adult human, not someone's pet dog and not a minor or invalid with a legal guardian. If he wants to go commit high crimes, arrest him and throw him in jail, along with any willing accomplices. And don't think for even a second that the USA is the only place on Earth where politicians and their relatives think that laws don't apply to them. Look at former PM and self-appointed secret minister of secrecy department Scott Morrison, when Australia was burning, he took a vaca to Hawaii, and then, even after criticism, when NSW was flooding, he went on vaca in the West. Also, he thinks that the laws of biology and physics don't apply to him, so he can weld without any eyepro:
    • 11stevo73
      Do you know about that POS Morrison that is a majour pos if there ever was one. It's attempt at welding haha it's a true pathetic that should be shot on site that thing is.

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