• Well...*FIRST* - In lots of states, you have to be a registered party member to vote in the primaries. I'm not registered with any party. *SECOND* - I doubt that Trump will be able to run once some of the legal scandal that he is now involved with is resolved. If he is convicted of anything, no matter how minor, if he somehow won the Presidential election he would likely be setting himself up for an early impeachment.
  • No, I won't have to choose. I'm not a registered Republican.
  • I plan to vote Democratic for president 2024
  • Who said I had to vote? The Rothschilds select who they want in the White House.
  • I'd vote for DeSantis because Trump is a billionaire. There is no way to control him. Even now he is using his fortune to prolong legal proceedings against him. Do you think DeSantis has that kind of money? No, of course not. Desantis would be in jail right now.
  • I will vote for any one else than those two.

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