• You said: "Social media should be about being in contact with people you personally know of." Who do you PERSONALLY KNOW on this site? How many did you know before you came to this site? According to your own rules you need to go away and leave us all alone. I disagree with this absurd rule. Social media was made for the purpose of being social with new people. ******************************************************* There you go telling other people what THEY SHOULD DO again! You are not even a parent as far as I know, much less the parent of anyone here!! People SHOULD DO whatever the heck they want to do with social media. You're not the god of social media who makes the rules for everyone. Get your own life straight. That's the only one you need to be worrying about! You need to respect the individuality of other users and let them do what they want. You are not and should not be in control of other people and what they wish to do or think. ********************************************************* I have friends in real life all over the world. It doesn't matter how I met them. Some people on social media lie and are evil. But remember YOU ARE HERE TOO. So don't go bad mouthing everyone you meet online. YOU are the one who has trouble meeting people esp. women, so why are YOU GIVING ADVICE? You're obviously no expert in the area! What makes you think you have any valuable information to share in this area? You just want to fuss. That's the only reason for this post that's not even a question but a stupid attempt at rules for others. **********************************************************And what makes you think you know why they are posting anything. As far as I can see you've been wrong on 3 for 3 guessing what other people are thinking. YOU ARE NOT OMNIPOTENT! And if you truly believe you know what others are thinking this is just more evidence of your mental illness. Possibly a god complex? Keep talking we'll figure it out and have proof if anyone asks.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Answerbag is not social media and is a question and answer website where people share their views, thoughts, opinions and experiences with each other. There is a big difference between social media and questions and answers websites. I don’t make rules. When I say about social media being in contact with those you personally know of, it’s for their own safety so as there is no criminal activity online towards that person so as they are not victim of online bullying or some psycho constantly at them. I know I am not in control of people. I am only in control of myself. Social media is a place for being sociable but to be sociable with strangers is risky because you don’t know them in person. They could be a psycho, a criminal or an online bully. I am not telling people what to do. I’m giving advice which you don’t seem to understand. You misinterpret my advice when you think I’m telling others what to do. I know I am not a parent and that each person does their own thing on the internet. Whatever they get themselves involved in. I always respect the individual for who they are so you don’t know what you are talking about. Each person is their own individual. I have no problem meeting people in person. At least I am meeting them a safer way and not through the internet. You just don’t want to listen to any advice I give and that’s your problem. There are others who will listen to my advice. I don’t know what your problem is with me. My post is a question. You just don’t see it that way because you misinterpret a lot of things I say and form things in your own mind which makes you not to listen to me. I don’t care what people think about me. I do my own thinking and listen to what anyone says that makes sense and is understandable. I do not know what other people are thinking unless they verbalise themselves.
  • Different people have different needs. I don't know what the needs of those who post social media but they wouldn't be doing it unless some sort of need is being met. Why does my brother love motorcycles and motorcycle races? Because those things satisfy a need in him.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I understand
  • Because they are muppets How many fools toss off about their 1000 fuckhead book friends then cry poor when they have to move house and have no one to help them?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      True. Of course they are muppets

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