• If you believe that you were evicted illegally, consult an attorney in your local area. Rental laws vary from state to state and also often from city/town to city/town, so I doubt anyone here can give you good clear advice without a consultation anyway. And, just like seeing a doctor, if you can manage to get a second opinion from another attorney, I would recommend that as well, just in case you misunderstand or get misguided advice.
  • If you have been evicted, you may have legal rights that allow you to get your possessions back from your landlord.
  • "Illegally"? Saying that he is holding onto your personal property strongly suggests that you have been evicted for non-payment of rent. And by law, you should have received several eviction notices before any action was taken against you. If this is the case (and it probably is), he is within his rights. I don't believe suing your landlord would be productive for you - it would cost more money than you have and the chances of winning are on your landlord's side.
  • He is not allowed to keep your items, call the police. Even if he wants to keep your things for non-payment of rent or damage to proper there is a legal procedure to follow

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