• "Communication difficulty"? What do you mean?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Some people have difficulty in verbalising themselves
    • Army Veteran
      Do you mean like an extended vocabulary? Or perhaps, responding to comments in a meaningful way? It all goes back to having an education. Believe it or not, I have communication difficulties when responding to discussions directly with someone else. But in an environment like this where I have time to think about what I want to say, my communication skills are meticulous. Having the ability and the resources to look up facts and meanings of words gives me quite an edge. There is something else involved - knowing the subject matter. I think for myself. I don't promote the "anti-Trump" rhetoric when there is no reason to do so.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I mean as in making the effort to initiate a conversation. It can also be responding to group discussions. Like yourself I have time to think about what to say on here. I encourage people to think for themselves rather than rely on others.
  • You're right, there's lots of reasons, upbringing, genetics, mental health, physical health, people filter things differently, or have more confidence in certain scenarios than others. Here's one of my favourite videos..
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Great answer. I understand now why people can have such difficulties
    • mugwort
      Some people talk with difficulty because of how their mouth is structured. Its very common with people with cerebral palsy.
  • As Creamcrackered says above there are many reasons why someone may have communication difficulties. A lack of confidence, shyness or other psychological reasons, a difficulty speaking (such as a stammer, which can cause a lack of confidence), a hearing difficulty or a condition which makes it difficult to read facial expressions or body language (some types of autism). All these things can cause communication difficulties but the people concerned probably know what they would like to communicate and have no trouble thinking it.
  • Everyone has communication difficulties at one time or another. Especially before we learn to speak.

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