• James Dean?
  • Who is John Dean?
    • Vampire Of My Own Heart
      Richard Nixon’s lawyer who spilled the beans in the Watergate scandal investigation.
  • Pat Cipollone could be in a similar position if he presents testimony corroborating and expanding on Trump's prior knowledge of the events at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.
    • Linda Joy
      When are they going to try the democrats that supported and encouraged the rioters before that? You know, when they were robbing and looting stores and stuff... And like when Maxine Waters called for Trump supporters to be run out of restaurants like they were blacks in the 50 and didn't have a right to sit down and eat like normal people... When are they going to be prosecuted?
    • mushroom
      There's a high hurdle before protected speech can be called inciting violence. There has to be intent and specific instruction likely to provoke harm, even if the speech is profane or offensive.

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