• Do not care all the news does is feed you lies I do not watch any news Apil 05 2022
  • Nowadays, war crimes are ALMOST inevitable during wartime. There's ALWAYS some incompetent (usually, quite a few) who make bad mistakes and accidentally kill people that shouldn't be killed. There's ALWAYS some jerk (usually, quite a few) who make INTENTIONAL bad decisions and rape people or (intentionally) kill people who shouldn't be killed. *** So: the war crime charges against Russia that we are seeing in Ukraine are MOSTLY probably NOT official Kremlin policy, but the bad decisions (whether intentional or not) of individual officers. *** The exceptions are things like the (possible) use of cluster bombs - which sort of decision is made by officials at the highest level, and of course the invasion itself might be accurately characterized as a crime. *** It's no surprise that the Kremlin is denying any and all accusations of war crimes. MOST governments do deny such accusations until and unless proven otherwise (and some CONTINUE to deny it even after proven). This is standard propaganda, and clearly Russian political heads are making full use of propaganda.
  • I think so, but I wouldn't say for sure without more information and I just really don't want to know.
  • False. Nato and its allies are in violation of international law that recognizes sovereignty rights. Contrary to the comparisons being made to Nazi Germany, Putin is not trying to take over the world or absorb all of Europe. Ukraine was once a part of Russia's sphere of political influence when it was still the Soviet Union until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Half of Ukraine's population is still pro-Russian and they should have the right to live under Russia's umbrella if that's what they choose to do. Globalists in the West are focused on the economic resources Ukraine has and refuse to hand over to Russia what belongs to Russia. Anyone who knows anything about the past knows also that this isn't the first time in history something like this has happened - and again, it was the West that caused the trouble.

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