• I don't assume that at all, given my current location and associates. However: traditionally (e.g. in my younger days, both when AND where are important considerations), such language was considered inappropriate to use in mixed company, and of course many women of my approximate age still adhere to that custom. *** Younger women have been thoroughly to..."colorful" language very much more than the women of my younger days. PROBABLY the typical under-forty woman has been so exposed to such language through popular media that it seems no more objectionable than "Drat" or "Dang it". On the other hand, I HOPE that there are still families who train their children that such language is to be avoided, and that it is (therefore) still worth one's while to avoid using such language, regardless of whether or not the company is mixed.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Well put, thank you.
  • i may swear in Private a bit ..but it sounds real disrespectful hearing the 2 real bad words, but it never happens in front of me in the real world.rarely but online i have been even called filthy names for having a different opinion !! its disgusting ..i turn off people online that swear like a trooper not caring who sees their foul mouth........but hey there's many women that hate foul mouth guys
  • It's a little something we like to call "moral integrity". Being unfamiliar with the concept might help explain a lot of things...😆
  • That's an old-fashioned notion that is pretty much history. Most women I know will swear as much as a man and drop "F-bombs" as often as a man too.

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