• No more than the island of Guam. Why does your question sound like a high school judgment session against a new girl in school?
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! My question is based on how the "general public" will feel for Russia.
    • 1465
      I understand that. But metaphorically speaking, it sounds like whispering going on in a girl's high school locker room about whether a new girl in school will be "accepted into the fold".
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      There's no whispering in my question. Only reality.
    • 1465
      "Reality"? Whose? How can anyone form a judgment on something they don't know all the facts about? It's easy to follow the crowd, even when they don't know where they're going.
    • Hulk70166
      1465 - What exactly are your ties to Russia? Why do you keep refusing to answer? Is it too embarrassing?
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      1465, the reality of Ukrainians dying in war, unjustly. In what world are you living in to not make this judgment?
    • 1465
      For all of you deniers, you have too soon forgotten how Ukraine's corruption was exposed in 2015 when they paid Hunter Biden huge sums for a job he was nowhere near qualified for - just to buy access to then VP Joe Biden. But then, you don't consider Biden to be corrupt, do you? As for Russia, things have changed a lot since it was the Soviet Union playing the old Spy vs Spy game of "Cold War". But the US has maintained them to be perpetual enemies nonetheless. Not to say that they should be trusted with US national secrets, but let's let the dark ages stay in the dark ages. The only reason Ukraine is being seen as the girl next door is that the West's perpetual enemy Russia is involved. The West talks about people's right to sovereignty until that sovereignty favors Russia. Then the citizens' only "right" is to be forced to stay in a country they don't want to be. The people of Donbas want to be part of Russia. They were Russians before the fall of the Soviet Union and they want to go back. Again, where is the respect for Sovereignty that the West speaks of? You people who are siding with Ukraine are siding with the country that was corrupt as recently as the campaign for the 2016 election. Did they change all of a sudden? Why does Russia's involvement make all of the difference? Do you even KNOW??? Or are you supporting Ukraine because that's who you're being told is "the good guy"? It must be great to live in a fantasy world where every day brings a new experience.
  • By most Ukrainians: yes, for a long time. By the rest of the World: it will be mostly forgotten within a couple of years.
  • yes ..cause there is no reason to kill for greed . Putin is being a murderous bully just taking over a country for sheer greed, there was no conflict..he is just like a hitler!!!!
  • The one thing we don't have in this country is a well-informed public. "Save Ukraine"? Was that the song and dance everyone was singing during Trump's campaign when Hunter Biden was on Burisma's payroll acting as a link to gain political access to Daddy Joe, the US Vice President? But then, Russia wasn't involved, was it? So Ukraine was the bad guy. Russia has been the "bad guy" since the Cold War established a Hatfield-McCoy relationship with the United States. The "feud" ended in 1991 when Communism fell, but the relationship lives on. Now, we embrace poor little orphan-child Ukraine because Russia has entered the picture. If people weren't so allergic to history, they might learn something. Then again, we're talking about proud graduates of the No Child Left Behind Act.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Thanks for sharing another answer. The rallies in support of Ukraine have spread all over the US. It is a good start to spread the word of: "Save Ukraine."
  • It’s Putin who is responsible for what’s happening in the Ukraine at the moment and not Russian citizens
  • most of the world already has turned against Russia
  • Putin clearly is in the wrong for invading Ukraine. He should be hated. Because of him the Russian people are suffering with the sanctions. There is hardly any merchandise in grocery stores and other stores. Because of Putin Russia is a true hell hole. Everyone , especially the Russian people should hate Putin,
  • They are hated by most of the free world.

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