• If there was, no one who KNOWS about it (can PROVE it) is willing to speak about it.
  • Several. His daddy reneged on a deal with the Irish mob to get him elected, LBJ wanted to be POTUS and his own brother conceived the assassination plot not knowing they'd use it against his own brother, the communists esp. Cuba wanted him dead, and if Oswald did shoot him that was supposedly a conspiracy by the Russian mob. It would be interesting to know who put him on that road in a convertible!
    • Victorine
      Presidents regularly rode in convertibles in those days, so crowds by the road could easily see them. The rest of your post is simply silly.
    • Linda Joy
      In your small opinion.
  • It's been almost 60 years. Even if LBJ was behind it, I'd think something would have shown up to incriminate him by now.
    • 1465
      Not necessarily. There are details about the assassination that have been sealed for no less than a hundred years. This obviously gives the guilty the opportunity to die in obscurity rather than face long prison sentences or execution.
    • Hulk70166
      Like a secret tape Kennedy's wife made after the assassination that details phone calls and other stuff she learned. Its sealed for 100 years.
  • No evidence of any conspiracy has ever been found by armies of reputable researchers and investigators. Conspiracy theorists simply can't handle the idea that significant events can be caused by small, insignificant actors like Lee Harvey Oswald. They need to believe that they were the result of much more complex machinations by people of importance and influence. That is not, however, the way the world works. It's much more random and unpredict able than human beings want to believe. That idea frightens them.
    • 1465

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