• That would depend on why he'd done it. You haven't provided enough information. All consultations with doctors, by the way, are supposed to be confidential. Recording could defeat that rule.
  • if the only two people in the room are you and the doctor, it's okay and you can do it without the doctor's permission. conversations between 2 people can be recorded as long as one of the people knows about it.
    • Victorine
      State laws on this differ. Don't pretend to be a legal expert.
  • Would his preference for recording devices affect his ability to practice medicine? People who think so would never have lived very long in the days before recording devices were created.
  • A doctor that I have does not enter a room without an assistant or another staff member. This is definitely due to malpractice and also the reduce any risk of inappropriate allegations, etc. It would make sense for a small practice to want to record.. Here's what I found when doing a google search today....... ........................................................ According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), it is legal to record conversations with your physician, even secretly. The exceptions are in California and Florida, where all parties must be aware if a conversation is being recorded. .............
  • I think the doctor may want to be certain he or she is not violating HIPAA.
  • I asked one of my doctors if I could and she said yes. I understand what they're saying while I'm there, but I forget a lot of it when others ask about it. I know a lot of people take someone with them ( usually a spouse) and they encourage that to help them understand and remember. I've just not ever recorded them yet. And now that we beat the cancer I don't think it will be as confusing. But as for your question I would go because I can only afford to be treated by the VA hospital.
  • I'd be more concerned if I thought the doctor was using a recording device.

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