• It's been about 10 years since I've been in an actual conversation when the term was used. It was at a truck stop in Georgia, I asked where the best place to eat was, and the fellow fixing my flat pointed across the road and said "Over yonder".
  • I don't recall hearing anyone ever saying that,
  • That was popular when the Beverly Hillbillies were on TV. I haven't heard it since.
  • I don't recall ever hearing it (except on TV and in movies), even here in the South. On the other hand, words like "maters" (tomatos) and "nanners" (bananas) and "skeeters" and "ya'll" are words I have heard many times.
  • One of my sisters married a fellow from Arkansas about 25 years ago, and they moved back among his relatives. She speaks like that out of association I think. I hear her say "fixin to" a lot also. Not long ago she was talking about filling in a leaking pond that was "down yonder in the holler."
      Yeah...I hear "fixin' to" all the time. I wish they'd go ahead and get fixed so that they could get to it.
    • dalcocono
      I know, ask them to conjugate the verb "fixin to" and see how they react.

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