• The giant gas guzzling pickup truck explosion. I mean, what in the toxic masculinity is going on!! It's 1/2 of the vehicles on the road sometimes where I live. The grills are constantly looking more and more aggressive and like they are built to intimidate other drivers. Sometimes they can't fit into a lane, especially when they have their tow mirrors out, even though they aren't towing anything. They probably keep their mirrors out due to the HUGE blind spots they have in the front and the back. There has been an uptick in bicyclist and pedestrian deaths due to these selfish vehicles. Aaaaaand- there has been an increase in women being seriously injured or killed in car accidents, even though men take more risks while driving and cause more crashes, since men are more likely to drive these huge unnecessary trucks. If you're going to drive a vehicle that is significantly more dangerous to other drivers, my opinion is that it should require special training and additional licensure.
  • Not enough boobies to play with on the planet

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