• "Talking to?" IDK - Are the two of you committed to each other or not. If yes, then it sounds like a problem. If unclear then probably no, and if no, you need to define some things before you go off. And it probably goes without saying, but defining rules needs to work both ways.
  • My friend uses the phrase 'talking to' to mean having sex with. So you need to be more specific as to what you mean by 'talking to'. If you're really just talking then I don't see why you'd be bothered by it. But obviously you are or you wouldn't have asked the question. If it bothers you just tell him. He'll either choose to stop or not. At that point you need to choose how to respond. I've also known the phrase 'best girlfriend' or 'best friend' to mean a lesbian relationship, but since you said this is a guy I don't think that's what you meant. Maybe you should be more precise and not use phrases that are left to interpretation. Whether or not you 'should' feel a certain way is not relevant. The fact is you do. If you are in a serious relationship with this person and you don't want to feel that way in the future you need to tell him. But you also need to be ready to let him go if he decides he doesn't want to stop. Some people are o.k. with sharing their partner, so if you're not you need to make that clear.

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