• I think you should give her some space. It seems like your grandmother's passing was quite upsetting to you. I certainly don't blame you for your feelings. It seems to me the incident triggered some of your behaviors toward your friend. OTOH I could be evaluating you wrong. That said it does seems she could be picking up desparation vibes. I'd say lay off for a bit and see from there. Good luck to you.
  • I think you need to talk to a counselor. They do offer that at your school, right? That way you can sort through your feelings with a professional trained to help you. As for your friend, I think they could have been a better friend by being there for you. I agree with mugwort to give her some space but also make other friends. Maybe you could even join a grief support group and make friends with someone going through the same thing. Also mention to the counselor how you kinda freaked out when this girl didn't respond. The counselor should be able to help you with those feelings as well. If you follow a religion it might help to talk to your religious leader as well for comfort and guidance. And if your parents are alive it might help to talk to them as well. That way no one person has to carry all your grief, but each can help you with a little of it. You can pm me if you want to talk about it. I know grief.
    • mugwort
      Your ans. makes a lot of sense. Glad you thought of counseling. Pleased you like my giving some space too for her friend.
  • I never take my own advice so you shouldn't listen to me.

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