• I believe in weather.
  • I believe the data.
  • It was originally classed as global cooling, and was discovered in the early 1900's, as even back then they use to test the temperature of the planet and had been for over 100 years, when they found that water evaporation had lessened. Then in the 1940's was the first time the governments looked into weather manipulation, cloud seeding being one, but even using the weather as a weapon, I think there's some documents that can be downloaded as PDF somewhere. Then of course finally in 2016/17 the Director of the CIA came out and spoke about Stratospheric aerosol injection, however CIA whistle blower Kevin Ship had already come out about it, confirming that all the tin foil hat wearers had been right and that chemtrails had been in operation for years. So yes, I believe in global warming.

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